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Here’s what some of our Olympia, WA customers are saying about us:

I have used Terry's a decade or more, both for personal repairs and for a fleet of commercial tour vans. They are superior mechanics as well as top notch folks!

Chad Maurer Google Review

As usual they have done a great job- prompt scheduling, repairs all seem okay, price is right, and the pickup service is spot on. That's why I've been doing business with these folks for over 30 years. And will continue to do so.

Tom Mumford Google Review

Quick and easy. Needed belts adjusted and an oil change. Cost was great. Thanks.

Robert Ahlschwede Google Review

Excellent customer service, clear communication and a great attitude. Fair prices, but quality work. I have been saved by this shop twice now, and always left smiling. Thank you Terrys!

Dylan H Google Review

They ended up undercharging me what they quoted me, looked at my car again a month later when it was making a noise and throughly checked it and made sure it was fine for free. they have a shuttle service that is so helpful and the people are so genuine and understanding, i wont take my car any where else. these people take responsibility for their work.

Whitney Kershner Google Review

Awesome place, very helpful, fair price! Great customer service and fast repair!

Reg Mak Google Review

We've always been happy with Terry's service for our vehicles. They take great care of their customers

David Hutchinson Google Review

5 Stars!

Fahad Alanazi Google Review

I was visiting Olympia. Car broke down on 1/3/08. They got me in and got me back on the road FAST.

Fair. Honest.

I watched them treat each customer, regardless of race, sex etc with respect. They talked to phone customers politely.

You will not be disappointed.

A Google User Google Review

I took my ford truck to Terry's for a problem, they diagnosed that problem, and a few others at the same time. They truthfully told me the urgency of each repair, and what it did for me, or what it would solve. I think this kind of service is great for those of us who're used to being lied to about our cars when we don't know ourselves what should be done.

A Google User Google Review

Hi This place has good customer service. They are organized sent me an estimate quote to my email so I could see all that needed to be done.

Oh and my car was a big mess when I took it in. All the work is done and its safe for me to go on some road trips to visit family and friends.

Sal T Google Review

Always have been very good to deal with have done a good job for years. Will continue to go.

A Google User Google Review

My family's taken our vehicles to Terry's since the 1980s and here's why: not only are they honest, 100% reliable, and extremely skilled, but they always go way above and beyond in a way other shops don't. Last week I took my Honda in for an oil-change and once-over; they found a couple of things to fix and did that quickly and at a reasonable price, but when I drove the car the next day I found they'd also fixed three other little things that I hadn't mentioned (the radio, a wonky turn signal and the temperature gauge) without charge *and* without even mentioning it. They do excellent work because that's the right thing to do, not to ratchet up your bill. Terry's Auto is the BEST.

Anna M. Yelp Review

Everyone who helped me here was super friendly and helpful, and the service was quick considering that it's the end of the week and it's a popular shop. I just picked my car up. Their shuttle even picked me up and gave me a lift with no notice to get my car, I've always heard great things, and I can see why. Great customer service!

Dana K. Yelp Review

Best shop in Thurston County, hands down. I have brought my car in here several times and they are always pleasant and very friendly. As a woman, I've always dreaded taking my car to other shops because I'm always treated like an idiot, despite knowing quite a lot about cars. At Terry's, they listen and never condescend. I even got a ride to my sister's house in Tumwater while they fixed my exhaust. Extremely nice, always try to give you the best deal, and as I result, I recommend them to all of my friends. Thanks, guys!

Tracey B. Yelp Review

I went to Terry's automotive based on reviews and referrals. They ended up saving my upcoming road-trip/vacation by making needed repairs within a tight timeframe.

To give some background a month before my road-trip I went to my dealer mechanics and asked for an inspection prior to my trip. They said everything was fine and to follow up with them for my 120k service check.

Driving around I still felt something was wrong, hearing rattles and also wanted spark plugs replaced.

So based on reviews and referrals I went to Terry's. They said my front brake was at 30% and dragging, also rear differential was messed up. They advised me not to even drive out of town! So much for my dealer mechanics...

Terry automotive was able to fix both problems within 4 days. Luckily rear diff was a bearings issue only.

Since picking up my vehicle I have noticed my car rides like new! The power is back (since brake fix) car running quiet again (likely to differential fix). Couldn't be happier and yes I would refer others to Terry's Automotive.

Brent W. Yelp Review

I've known Robert and Todd for several years. Their father built one of the most trustworthy and professional auto shops in the county. I would highly recommend Terry's automotive to anyone who wants integrity and trust. Because that's what Terry represented.

M "True Reviewer" Yelp Review

I've been to Terry's several times on the recommendation of relatives who have been using Terry's for absolutely YEARS... I've never had any problems with the service there, am always impressed by the professional manner and excellent work.

Suzanne S. Yelp Review

I have recommended Terry's to several friend and family members with great success! They are well known in Oly for quality work and reasonable shop rates. I've always found their customer service to be top notch, and really involve their customers in decisions about their repairs if that's what they want. I will take my cars there anytime if we need assistance in the future!

Thomas F. Yelp Review

I went across the street first to ask how much it would be to help me. (headlight casing needed to be cleaned of glass) and a new bulb to be put in... I EVEN bought the bulb myself. They tried to charge me 60 bucks for a simple task, and I left...

WENT Over to Terry's, and they helped me FREE of charge. They were understanding, and very willing to help. Took about 25 minutes and everything was great!!!
Thanks Terry's, you guys are the best!!!
Always will come to you guys first!

P.S. Don't go to the automotive shop next to WAVES studio on Division, they didn't even seem to know what was going on, and USED their COMPUTERS to come up with some ridiculous price to charge me.

Goldencostello D. Yelp Review

I was having brake problems. I work and almost live out of my car so it is very important to me. I called them in the morning and they got me in right away. It needed a lot of work so they gave me a ride home with a van they have to haul customers around with. When it was done they came and got me. It was not cheep, but nothing is now days it seems. I don't remember my car ever driving this nice or the brakes ever working this good. Better than new. I would go again!

Chris D. Yelp Review

What? No Reviews for Terry's Automotive? If you need a car fixed around Olympia, there is no better place. This is not the cheapest place in town, nor the most expensive. It is simply the best. The owner has been working on cars and in the auto trade for years.

OK, he was a buddy during high school - he was the motor head who was always working on a car. And he turned this passion for working on cars into his career. I don't know how long Terry has had the shop, but my dad was a regular customer and on the occasions I have needed repairs when around Olympia, this is where I go. I took my 15 passenger, 1 ton van in for an alternator they ended up doing a complete engine rebuild. No, it's not what you think, I asked them to check things out while they had it because it had a few other problems. They did a lot extra that they threw in with what they were doing, unlike many other places who charge for every little item.

Terry's is AAA approved and has numerous certifications and approvals. You'll get good, honest professional treatment with Terry's staff. I have found a place near me who does good work, but if I hadn't I'd drive the 80 miles to Terry's for maintenance.

Bob G. Yelp Review

I had Terry's do some routine maintenance and repair of a couple electrical issues on my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe. They were very courteous, and kept in close contact regarding any issues that came up. Because I could not afford to do everything that needed to be done in one visit, the tech took time to help me prioritize the "essential" work and identify what could wait. The work they ultimately performed was high quality and competitively priced. I will definitely go back again.

David C. Yelp Review

I moved back to Olympia from Port Angeles in July. 1 of my first appointments was here. Foreign car mechanics on the WA Peninsula are uncommon. My Volvo is back in the care of good people at Terry's.

Lorraine T. Yelp Review

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